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We close the moss in the frame - we make moss pictures. This time, we released moss and changed entire walls. Green Walls are point of good interior design 

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Moss panels

Reindeer moss, which is a natural hygrometer and without special devices can tell you what is the humidity in your room.

We close the moss in the frame - we make moss pictures. This time, we released moss and changed entire walls.

Green walls can ideally serve as a soundproofing element - it works well in the interior of the office as partitions. Hand-glued moss will adapt to your wall by choosing the individual size of each panel. Thus, you create your green walls especially for you from natural moss.

Custom-made moss panels

You can freely modify the panel size from moss from 10cm to 300cm. The entire moss walls are a perfect solution for rooms such as offices or conference rooms, and they are also great at home.

Green walls are very fashionable and make a great impression on all visitors to the offices where the moss was installed. The effect is amazing. Living walls do not require special care - just keep the humidity good for yourself. Reindeer moss - will repay you by remaining green for many years. The wall will come alive!

We can paste your company's logo on a special order. We can integrate your logo into green walls. Your company's business card on the front desk will delight every contractor. It will be a kind of "wow" effect, after which the customer will associate your company with the moss logo - it will perfectly match the company's environmental strategy.

Installation instructions

Products panels with moss are attached to the wall with screws. Choose a suitable place in the panel with moss and then drill into the wall and use the attached set of pins.

green moss wall:

It retains its smell and appearance for up to 5 to 15 years.

It does not require watering or fertilizing - reindeer moss absorbs moisture from the air necessary to keep it fresh. Optimal conditions are 40-60% humidity, i.e. the same as for humans.

It doesn't grow and you don't have to trim it.

It doesn't need light - it prefers shaded positions, where its color will not fade under the influence of intense sun rays.

Does not attract dust - ideal for allergy sufferers.

It is not toxic to animals - they are not interested in biting it.

It is resistant to mold and mildew.


If you have any questions, please contact me. It is possible to implement other dimensions and individual projects.


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