Piękny obraz z mchu na ścianę
  • Piękny obraz z mchu na ścianę
  • Żywy mech na  scianę
  • Chrobotek reniferowy na ścianę

picture of moss on the wall - green wall - rectangle

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Invite nature to your home! The moss image is the original decoration of any room. Fits both the living room, bedroom and even a children's room. The rectangular image of reindeer moss is currently the biggest trend in wall decoration, which due to its uniqueness will persist for years.

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Picture from the moss on the wall - a piece of forest in your home!

An excellent decorative element of the rooms. If you want to have your own piece of forest on the wall - this is a great place to do it.

Moss images complement the good design. We can give them virtually any shape - this time we present a rectangle

We can compose this shape with other live images.

A vivid picture:

It retains its smell and appearance for up to 5 to 15 years.

It does not require watering or fertilizing - reindeer moss absorbs moisture from the air necessary to keep it fresh. Optimal conditions are 40-60% humidity, i.e. the same as for humans.

It doesn't grow and you don't have to trim it.

It doesn't need light - it prefers shaded positions, where its color will not fade under the influence of intense sun rays.

Does not attract dust - ideal for allergy sufferers.

It is not toxic to animals - they are not interested in biting it.

It is resistant to mold and mildew.

Reindeer moss is the perfect decoration for a bathroom without a window. Unlike other plants, it will feel great there - moist air will give it freshness and elasticity.

Moss does not need special care. It draws water from the air, so if the humidity of the room is around 40-60%, scratching will be with us for many years. He doesn't mind the lack of sun. When there is too little moisture in the room, it will begin to dry out, but it is unlikely - our bodies need the same humidity as the scratching. If there is not enough moisture in the room, we can easily solve it by hanging a humidifier on the radiator.

Image care:

The only condition is that the air humidity in the room should reach above 40%, but in our climate it is a standard value, so it will not be a problem.

If your image begins to dry slightly - spray it with water.

The subject of the offer is:

1 picture filled to the brim with a scratch

frame material: 12 mm plywood

If you have any questions, please contact me. It is possible to implement other dimensions and individual projects.


Data sheet

Kolor mchu
Dark green
Light green
Naturalny kolor sklejki brzozowej
Naturalny kolor sklejki brzozowej

Specific References



user manual

moss assembly instructions. on request we can send pendants (crocodile clips)

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Piękne obrazy z kompozycją z mchu w ładnej drewnianej oprawie. Super się prezentują i cieszą oko. Polecam sklep z miłą obsługę. Łatwy kontakt ze sprzedawcą. Gorąco polecam.

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Rewelacja, piekna dekoracja do domu jak i do innych wnetrz. Super,ze mozna ulozyc rozne wzory. Roslinka trwała i nie wymagajace zachodu. Polecam

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