price negotiation - it's not so hard!

A few words about negotiations:

Few know that any price can be negotiated, the price for a moss image is not so stiff that it cannot be changed.
We negotiate prices, but not only because of behavior, services, attitudes etc. We negotiate to make it easier for us.
One may be tempted to say that we negotiate every day:

  • for personal profit
  • to achieve my own goal
  • for compromise

It all depends on where we are and where we want to be after the start of negotiations and of course whether we are able to dare to negotiate. Lovelasy is also a place where you can negotiate the price for your own dream moss on wall

The essence of any negotiation is that both parties find themselves in the compromise zone and are convinced that they have obtained some kind of profit - of course it does not always have to be a material profit, it can be a non-material effect.

Economists will probably say that everything can be valued at material value - yes, it's true - but this is not about calculating any services, adding some hidden costs, applying low ball to their clients - no. in our negotiating style, we value our clients very much and give them the opportunity to personalize the product, the ability to create their own space, because they will live in it and we want to look at our products and remember that we are a nice team and talk to us pleasantly. We want our clients to remain in their comfort zone and of course they stayed in this zone choosing our moss image 


How to negotiate the price for your paintings with moss?

You can use 3 possible ways:

1. call us and talk. You have to remember that there are people on the other side.
2. send an inquiry by email - we can do it at any time of the day or night
3. use the price negotiation module on the product pages - this is a great help and a nice tool. Have to try.

let's start with the fact that nothing is lost. it's always worth asking - we'll see what effect will be achieved. you can have a frame or different dimensions of your image with a reideer moss cheaper.

we will explain how to use the price negotiation module

1. we are a customer: that is, we have an account in the store and are logged in. otherwise the following information will appear:


2. Click "negotiate price"
3. A box will appear as below in the elements on
a. Own price proposition
b. Message justifying your own price - there is no need to provide a competition link -

4. We send an offer to a store employee.

5. he accepts, rejects or proposes his own price

Whenever you change the status of your negotiation, you'll receive an email notification that something has changed, that your negotiation has not stalled, and that there is no negotiating impasse that you can't get out of.

and so until you find yourself in the compromise zone. It is important when negotiating that both sides be satisfied. Everyone has their own pain threshold - so do we.

If the negotiations take place and the customer accepts our offer, then

by clicking buy now you will be able to buy the item at a negotiated price. The offer will be valid for 7 days. Later the price will return to its level.
Remember! you have your price for 7 days!

You can find all your negotiations and their progress in the customer panel in the "Negotiations" tile
you'll find the details of each of your negotiations and their status.

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