Picture from moss

Why worth  - moss image

do you know that:
Our moss images are a natural hygrometer!
reindeer moss

which the image is filled in will let you know when

humidity in the apartment will be too low. Minimum value

humidity, in which images of moss and people feel good is 40%

Images of moss - clears the air!

The moss image absorbs toxins and also purifies the air
from dust particles. Our paintings are thanks to such action ideal for allergy sufferers. In addition, he himself is not allergic.

moss on the wall - for busy people!

The moss images and green moss walls are a very convenient kind of plant. Moss images are a kind alternatives to pot flowers because they do not require special care.

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Ramka heksagon w zestawie z obraz z mchu

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Dostawa podczas Pandemii koronawirusa COVID-19

Can I shop online secure during #stayathome? How do Lovelasy react to reports from the country?

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price negotiation - it's not so hard!

Price negotiable - niether price is rigid. Try it - it's really easy! Negoiate your own moss picture,  mossbilid 

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Frames without moss - wall decorations

We already had moss paintings on the store, reindeer moss alone, moss panels green walls ... Now we present a plain frame as a wall decoration!

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Lovelasy - dekoracje z mchu

Our activity was created out of passion for beautiful, unusual decorations!

Only products that meet our requirements and are liked by our team come out of our workshop!

We put our whole heart in creation and we approach every element of our decorations with precision. We are young, developing company that plans to create home decorations using wood and elements of nature.

IMAGE WITH MOSS - Below are some compositions of our satisfied customers!!

Please visit our GALLERY

reindeer moss images are currently our leading product, enjoying great popularity! The reason for this is that the decoration is very easy to use, in addition to wall decoration, it is also a plant element. Thanks to our moss paintings you have nature at your fingertips.

If you want to order a picture of moss in a different size, shape, color of plywood - call or write to us!

We are happy to implement individual projects!