Frames without moss - wall decorations

We present our new product - a wall frame.

Perfect as wall decoration in a children's room, and after being impregnated with appropriate agents, it can be used as decorative accessories for a bathroom, giving it a color (during the later stage of the order) will be a perfect contrast to the raw wall.

Of course, we can paint any colors at any time.

The plywood frame blends in with the interior design, adds character to the walls - makes the wall boring, introduces an additional trend as a new interior design - regardless of whether it is a living room, children's room, balcony, garden, kitchen or bedroom.

Application options:

It can be used as a photo frame after installing your holiday memories or other family trip.

Building a composition from several frames painted in different colors will make a huge impression on visitors - the composition in colors we will paint it for you: orange, pea green, intense yellow just 2 colors: white or gray.

Check if you can incorporate plants or a mirror cut to size or moss reindeer into our frame

Our wall shelf can have different dimensions - here we present a 36 cm x 42 cm hexagon shaped frame.

We implement individual projects to order.

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