moss image - circle reindeer moss on the wall

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Beautiful image to the brim filled with soft moss. Apart from its original design, the decoration is also very practical and requires no special care. The moss image will be perfect in the living room, bedroom and even in the bathroom without windows. Take a piece of forest to your home and enjoy it every day.

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Reindeer Moss
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Picture with moss - wall decoration.

Moss images are perfect for many rooms. A living decoration with a scraper is a piece of forest in your

home. It blends in well with many colors on the walls and matches various
interior styles.

Picture from moss - be closer to nature.

The hexagonal painting, which is filled with moss to the brim, is a hit in wall decorations for very long years. We recommend to decorate the living room, bedroom, bathroom and even achild's room.

Moss image:

It retains its fragrance and beautiful appearance for a very long time - from 5 to 15 years.

In addition, the moss image does not require special care. The image from the moss does not need the sun to live, on the contrary - it can hang peacefully in a shady place. Moss paintings are also a great decoration for people with allergies - the paintings don't collect dust.

Image care:

The only condition is that the humidity in the room should reach above 40%, but in our climate it is a standard value, so it will not be a problem.

how it will dry slightly:
spray it with a mist of water - that's all.

The subject of the offer is:

image of selected dimensions filled with decoration moss

our wall moss is framed in a flexible plywood frame painted in the selected color.

Moss color (to be selected in the "Product details" tab )
Frame color (to be selected in the "Product details" tab )

If you have any questions, please contact me. It is possible to implement other dimensions.

We implement individual projects to order.


Data sheet

Kolor mchu
Dark green
Light green
Frame colour
circle size
diameter 30 cm
diameter 40 cm
diameter 50 cm


user manual

moss assembly instructions. on request we can send pendants (crocodile clips)

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super jest ta dekoracja idealnie się wpasowała w moje pomieszczenie! <br /> bardzo staranne wykonanie. gratulacje - POLECAM !

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